Frequently Asked Questions

This list of frequently asked questions was compiled based on the typical questions that homeowners and business clients ask most often about the work we do at Collins Paving Company. If you have a question that you don’t see listed here, please feel free to use our online contact form or call us at (412) 366-6655. We are happy to answer any/all questions you might have about our asphalt and landscaping service.

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Q: Is there a time of year that is better to install a brand new asphalt driveway?

A: We typically we begin paving in early April and pave right up until Christmas.  Basically as long as the ground is not frozen we can pave asphalt.


QWhat will you need to do to prep my property for a new asphalt driveway?

A – Each property is different and must be evaluated. Many factors will determine the type of prep work needed for your property, such as the sub-base and the soil that are under your current driveway.  The preparation phase consists of us tearing our any old asphalt or soil and bringing in gravel to the proper grade and pitch.  We then compact the gravel to 100% compaction to prevent any future settling.


QHow long does it take to create a new driveway?

A – Our customers are always surprised at how quickly we are able to construct a brand new asphalt driveway. The entire process takes less than 2 days, most of the time it’s completed in just one day.


Q – How many inches of asphalt is needed?

A – For residential clients, driveways are typically paved at around 3″ inches, and in commercial applications around 4″.  When it comes to working with asphalt, thickness is not the only factor, a solid foundation beneath the asphalt is essential in supporting the asphalt.  At Collins Paving Company, we always use more gravel than needed because we know this is what makes our driveways last.


QHow much should I budget for a new driveway?

A – Each project is unique and there are a number of different factors that could affect the overall total cost for the job. For a quick ball park estimate, use our online form or call us at
(412) 366-6655 for a FREE estimate and take the guess-work out of improving the look and function of your driveway!


QWhat can I expect from my finished driveway?

A – Immediately after paving, most driveways will be very dark in color and will appear to be very smooth. Depending on the type of driveway and the materials used, some variations in texture and color will be seen and are completely normal. Over time, most driveways will change in texture and the color will become lighter. Again, this is completely normal and is no cause for concern.


QHow long do asphalt driveways typically last?

A – An asphalt driveway that has been properly installed using quality materials should last anywhere between 20-35 years. Many factors can affect a driveway’s longevity, such as the local weather conditions, sub-soil conditions, drainage and usage.


QWill I see cracks in my new driveway?

A – Our Pittsburgh weather presents us with constant weather fluctuations and as a result the asphalt contracts and expands which leads to cracks over time.  However, how long it takes before cracking occurs and the depth of the cracks themselves are influenced by a number of different factors. At Collins Paving Company, we work to minimize cracking by creating proper water drainage, and a sturdy gravel base.


QDo you offer any guarantees or warranties on your workmanship?

A – Collins Paving Company guarantees the workmanship of our services in writing right on our proposal.



QHow long after paving can I drive and park on my new driveway?

A – You can drive and park on your new driveway after 24 hours. For the first couple of summers, especially on very hot days:

  • Never turn the wheel of your vehicle when in a stopped position
  • Avoid parking in the exact same spot every day
  • Pointed items such as kick stands, motorcycles, chairs, and car ramps may cause depressions.
  • If you do have a few minor scuffed areas the sunlight will smooth the surface over time.  It can take up to 12 months for the asphalt to harden and cure.


QWill there be any damage to my yard or other landscaping areas after paving?

A – In paving a new asphalt driveway or parking lot, the edges may become disturbed.  Reseeding the edges is not included in the driveway price, and this is the case across the board with all asphalt contractors.  In some cases its just a matter of adding some loam 1 foot beyond the edge .  In other situations, it requires more extensive landscaping if the grade the yard is not correct. When we install a new driveway, we bring it to the correct grade, and in some cases it will not match your existing landscape if that grade is not correct.  Therefore, landscaping the edges usually extends past the new edge because it requires some tapering.


QCan I just pour a new layer of asphalt over my existing driveway?

A – It is possible to just overlay a new asphalt driveway over an existing driveway in an effort to reduce costs.  However, the customer should know that any cracks or broken areas of asphalt may rise to the surface eventually.  After evaluating your driveway we would advise if overlaying is an option based on a few factors.